Marine Grade Foundation Fieldbus Type A Cable, BP Clair Ridge Project

Posted 04 October 2012

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Project Overview


Marine Grade Foundation Fieldbus Type A Cable, BP Clair Ridge Project


FSC Global was contacted by BP & AMEC engineers to provide a Foundation Fieldbus type A cable suitable for the Clair Ridge project. Like many offshore applications the environment is harsh due to the infamous North Sea weather and the  high likelihood of chemical contamination. AMEC invited FSC Global to the project based on the successful supply of MUD Resistant Profibus, Modbus & Video cables for the BP Valhall Platform, also in the North Sea. 

The brief was to propose and supply a Foundation Fieldbus Type A cable suitable for use in a marine environment that would also meet BP’s project design draft,  IEC60079-25:2010 Annex 1, IEC61158-2 and comply with FISCO FF-844 Network  requirements for intrinsically safe applications. 

How did FSCG help?

Meeting this set of parameters represented a difficult challenge. As a result of many meetings and discussions with BP, AMEC and our technical team, FSC Global TCWB-SHF2 Marine Grade Foundation Fieldbus Type A Cable was conceived to meet all of the parameters set out in the original brief. The cable specification was successfully approved by BP enabling the contractors to proceed in procuring the cable for the project from FSC Global Ltd.

The first 3km production batch was produced and delivered within 6 weeks, successfully meeting the Clair ridge design requirements. 

By applying a thorough consultation approach to AMEC’s problem FSC Global were able to offer a high specification cable solution where other suppliers had failed. Through detailed discussion and technical understanding  FSC Global provided a solution ensuring BP’s safety and quality requirements were not compromised.

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