Fibre Optic Solution for BP Sangachal Expansion Programme

Posted 19 June 2020

Tags: Oil & Gas Fibre Optic Special Manufacture

Project Overview

Fibre Optic Solution for BP Sangachal Expansion Programme

As part of the BP Sangachal Expansion Programme, Sigma Technical Services were awarded a supply and installation contract for a communications fibre optic link around the terminal.

Common with most oil & gas installations a special design cable was required to meet the unique installation environment. Based on our expertise in the field and long-term relationship with Sigma Technical Services, FSC Global was asked to propose a cable solution.

How did FSC Global help?

Working with consultants at Sigma and BP we investigated the environmental, fire safety and technical challenges faced by Sigma to build a clear picture of the requirement. Once the cable requirement including the standards the cable needed to meet were agreed a selection of different cable constructions suitable for the application were proposed. Each option detailed where BP’s needs were being met and any deviations from the requirement.

Throughout a three month period the technical data was clarified and evaluated leading to a light weight, Multi Loose Tubed, CST Armoured, UV stabilised Low Smoke Halogen Free cable design being approved for the installation.

Once an order had been placed, 38,000m of the fibre optic cable was manufactured, fully tested and export packed in four weeks. The cable was supplied along with an installation equipment package to ensure  BP’s safety and quality requirements were not compromised.

Once delivered to Baku Azerbaijan, Sigma Technical Services commenced with a fast track installation and completed on time ensuring BP’s project times frames were met.

As part of the approval and acceptance requirements for the project FSC Global provided complete factory test reports, certificate of conformity and full export documentation.